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Re-imagine, and advocate, a bold vision for the lakefront in Cleveland–and across Ohio’s Erie Shore–dedicating undeveloped and repurposed lakefront land for the public’s use with connections and maximum access to the lake, achieving the optimum balance between green parks and recreation infrastructure and commercial development; and provide the leadership to build public consensus on innovative lakefront projects, and play a major role in acquiring the political will and funding to execute.


The Green Ribbon Coalition

The Green Ribbon Coalition seeks citizens from all walks of life in Greater Cleveland and across Ohio’s Erie Shore communities to support, join and participate in our advocacy as Erie Shore Activists. We are seeking YOU.

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People from all over the Great Lakes organized in different cities to come together in support of clean water and protection of the Great Lakes with “All Hands On Deck.” Their goal was to show how many people in Great Lakes states support and stand up for clean water and protection of our Great Lakes.

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