“Should Burke Lakefront Airport Close? Coalition Keeps Important Question Alive”

proposed plan for burke by matt busa

Proposed Land Use Plan in Matt Busa’s Presentation for Burke Lakefront Airport Repurposing

Thanks to the PD for covering the July 30 panel discussion on Burke in this August 11, 2019 article by Steve Litt, who regularly covers the architecture beat. “15 years after it finished the biggest lakefront plan in a half century, Cleveland is still far behind waterfront cities including Chicago and Toronto and playing catch-up,” writes Litt.

The panel discussion featured a proposal by Cleveland landscape architect Matt Busa, who developed a concept illustrating how the airport can be turned into a large park with a dense, transit-oriented neighborhood at its western edge. Other panelists discussed the logistics of developing the concept, including critical issues of concern, such as the large cost of the project and serving the flight operations that are still coming into Burke.

Lit concludes the article with a call to explore options to make the most of Cleveland’s lakefront treasure.