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Dike 14 (2006) City Waterfront Plan

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Where previously there was only water, there is now a curiously raised parcel of land, over twenty feet above Lake Erie, roughly square with a pointed “beak” at its northwest corner. Dike 14’s eighty-eight acres began its own self-regeneration and has been evolving with little human intervention.

The Master Plan both protects the most critical natural areas of the site and leverages their opportunities into a public landscape that offers many types of experience with nature within urbanized Cleveland. Above all the Master Plan has been developed to be inclusive of all citizens and stakeholder interests and represents the accommodation and compromise of stakeholders’ interests when they were not coincident or in conflict. The Master Plan accommodates as many of the public’s desired uses and appropriately scales them so that they do not damage the site’s most valuable collection of habitats. It has been developed with a focus on balancing various values: ecological systems, user needs, costs, safety, and maintenance capabilities.

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