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US Coast Guard Station (old) (2006) City Waterfront Plan

Green Ribbon Coalition Resource Guide US Coast Guard Station 2006 City Waterfront Plan.jpgThe purpose of the Cleveland Harbor Coast Guard Station Rehabilitation Study was to provide a comprehensive strategy to restore and reuse the existing building and site. Through a detailed facility conditions assessment and interaction with stakeholders and the community, possibilities for programmatic and development opportunities were explored. These discoveries led to three alternative schemes to save the Coast Guard Station which represent three different levels of intervention. Each scheme reaches beyond the site plans and delves into what each option entails, what needs to happen to make it work and the advantages and disadvantages that are inherent to each alternative. By exploring and revealing various options in a comprehensive manner, this study responds to a number of situations and opportunities that face the site today and in the future. The main element that remains constant throughout the three schemes is the creation of a public destination that integrates history, nature and education through a historic landmark.

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