Big Creek Connects: “Cleveland Land Bridge/West Shoreway Concept Alternatives”


We are excited to share a new article titled “Cleveland Land Bridge/West Shoreway Concept Alternatives,” published by Big Creek Connects. This piece offers a look at several innovative initiatives that the Green Ribbon Coalition is championing. Our goal is to rejuvenate the downtown Cleveland lakefront, enhance the local communities, and pave the way for sustainable economic development. The article elaborates on concepts such as the conversion of the aged Main Avenue Bridge into a greenway and the diversion of truck traffic away from residential areas for improved quality of life. Your feedback is invited.

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NOACA Wants Cleveland to Examine Wider “Land Bridge” Concepts, Hold Public Meeting

Land bridge

Land bridge

Thanks to the Plain Dealer and for covering this issue, and to Steve Litt. The article, “NOACA wants Cleveland to examine wider ‘land bridge’ concepts for downtown lakefront connection, plus hold a meeting to engage public for the first time” was published on Jan. 26, 2022.

NOACA, or The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, is the region’s largest planning agency, and it is asking the city to think bigger and evaluate the “land bridge” idea espoused by the Green Ribbon Coalition. Second, it is asking for a public meeting to enable public input and creative energy.

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$380M Revamp of Gateway Arch Park in St. Louis Offers a How-to Guide for Cleveland on Reconnecting Downtown, Waterfront

Land bridge

Land bridge

In a series of articles running today and next Sunday, The Plain Dealer and will look first at the St. Louis project and then at another big waterfront effort in Cincinnati to see what lessons they hold for Cleveland.

For decades, pedestrians trying to reach the Gateway arch and the surrounding 90-acre park from downtown had to scuttle along narrow sidewalks on streets that bridged the highway trench and crossed two busy, three-lane highway access roads.

Now the connection from downtown to the park flows so smoothly that you hardly notice that there’s an interstate highway underneath you as you cross the pedestrian bridge.

That seamless connection suddenly became deeply relevant to Cleveland in May. That’s when Jimmy and Dee Haslam, co-owners of the NFL Browns, proposed extending the downtown Mall north to the city’s lakefront over railroad tracks and the Ohio 2 Shoreway, like the pedestrian bridge in St. Louis.

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Spectrum News 1: “Cuyahoga County’s Plan to Bring Public Access to 30 Miles of Lakefront Moves Forward”

Land bridge

Land bridge

Thanks to Jennifer Conn and Spectrum News 1 for covering this story.  Among other things, we are pleased to see that the land bridge idea is top of mind with Cuyahoga County planners.

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, Ohio — Cuyahoga County planners have undertaken what could be considered a Herculean task: to connect and make about 32 miles of Lake Erie shoreline publicly accessible. About 90% of the Cuyahoga County shoreline is not available to the public and its 1.2 million residents, the county said.

The county’s goal is to open much of that shoreline by forming partnerships with hundreds of property owners — from single families and property associations to special interest groups and descendants of early industrialists who’ve owned properties for decades.

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Cleveland Land Bridge Visions

Land Bridge - City of Cleveland and GRC ideas
The Green Ribbon Coalition is excited that the City of Cleveland is taking a look at our long championed BIG IDEA of a LAND BRIDGE! We URGE the city planners to look at BOTH PROPOSALS!

Cleveland has applied to the State of Ohio for $6.5 million to design the “land bridge” from Mall C to North Coast Harbor on the waterfront, spanning the Ohio 2 Shoreway and lakefront railroad lines.

CITYLAB: “Can Cleveland Reinvent Its Historic Mall for Changing Times?”

“Cleveland’s monumental-scaled Mall could be an inviting link between downtown and the lakefront, with some fresh thinking—and political will.”

When Cleveland’s first-ever InCuya Music Festival was announced back in April, the lineup included a host of well-known artists including British rock band New Order, folk-rock band the Avett Brothers, singer-songwriter SZA, and Booker T. Jones—the last a nod to Cleveland being the home of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

But the biggest star of the festival, held in late August, might have been the venue. “The location is what’s really going to make this special,” said Joe Litvag, a senior vice president for AEG Entertainment, the promotion company behind the festival, before its debut. Multiple locations were considered, including Edgewater Beach just west of downtown and Burke Lakefront Airport (unsurprisingly, the Federal Aviation Administration said no).

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August 27 Possibilities Forum: “HARBOR FACE-OFF: Iconic Footbridge Vs The Landbridge”

possibilities forums

HARBOR FACE-OFF: Iconic Footbridge vs The Landbridge

Connecting the City with the Harbor

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For the first time, proponents for the competing proposals to connect downtown with the harbor will face-off on Tuesday, August 27th at Merwin’s Wharf at 8:30 AM. Doors open at 8:00 AM with beverages and muffins.

  • Learn why the downtown-harbor connection is so important.
  • Historical perspective and previous connection proposals.
  • Merits of the current concepts – landbridge versus footbridge.
  • Get insights from the experts and voice your opinions.


Bob Gardin, Chair, Green Ribbon Lakefront Projects / Landbridge Advocate
Tony Coyne, Esq. Chairman, Group Plan Commission / Footbridge Advocate
Chris Lynn, PLA, ASLA, Planning/Landscape Architecture Practice Lead, AECOM
Steven Rugare, Associate Professor, College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Kent State, Associate of KSU/Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative


Dick Clough, Founder/Board Chair, Green Ribbon Coalition and CEO, CloughCleveland, Inc., IdeaEngineering


8:00 AM – Registration
8:30 AM – Program begins
9:30 AM – Program concludes

Ticket Information:

Seating is limited. The event will sell-out. Make your reservation now.
Admission: Green Ribbon Members $10 / Non-members $15

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POSSIBILITIES: Re-imagining Cleveland’s Lakefront Dialogue Series is presented by the Green Ribbon Coalition and our media partner, Freshwater Cleveland.

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