Blueprint for Action

Advocacy for lakefront development principles.

  • Highest and best “green” use for undeveloped lake shore land.
  • Optimum balance between green and commercial development.
  • Apply “balanced development policy” for parcels whose use changes such as Burke Airport (in the future should the facility close), and the demolished First Energy Power Plant (incorporate into expanded Gordon Park).
  • Emphasize importance of lakefront connections – east to west / north to south – for ease of direct access from neighborhoods and the downtown.
  • Rezone the bluffs overlooking the lake for residential uses and neighborhood infrastructure such as restaurants, retail, small business, etc.

Shakeup civic conversation about lakefront possibilities.

  • Articulate re-imagined vision for the lakefront in Cleveland, and beyond.
  • Push the envelope on lakefront development possibilities, predicated upon the development principles noted above.
  • Use all available means to communicate principles and possibilities, and stimulate dialogue.
  • Survey community at-large, and report results.

Create and motivate an army of lakefront activists to support the Green Ribbon agenda, and development proposals.

  • Implement education and orientation program on lakefront issues.
  • Recruit and motivate volunteer activists with a robust program of activities.
  • Target the downtown residential community, and residents along the Erie Shore outside Cleveland.

Provide leadership and initiative to develop capital funding for lakefront proposals, and completion of critical trail and recreational infrastructure.

  • Build the business case for economic benefit from completed trail and green recreational infrastructure.
  • Equate the same urgency and economic value of “completed” trail and recreational infrastructure as community investment in sports and arts facilities, and university and medical facilities.
  • Launch capital campaign among leading individual donors as legacy investment in the future of the region, and to set motivational example to the foundation and business community for comparable support.
  • Through Coalition efforts facilitate the “sooner than later” completion of lakefront connection projects, and recreational infrastructure. Delaying completion simply delays the economic benefit.

Continue to advance the support for Coalition proposed lakefront development proposals including the Harbor Land Bridge, Gordon Park Expansion, and East Shoreway Beautification, and to explore collaboration opportunities for lakefront connection proposals and projects.